Saturday, February 28, 2009

A most deserved vacation

Hey All,

This week was the first week back after an awesome break. Of course, that meant me having to readjust my body to waking up at 7:30 a.m. for my 8:00 a.m. classes as apposed to waking up whenever I wanted to over the break. One thing I love about Elmira College is that they know just when to give you a break and having a break every six weeks is the best thing ever. Last week I spent my break in NYC with two of my friends that are alumni of the college. I had promised them since the beginning of the school year that I would go and visit them but never had the chance.

On that Friday I left school at l2p.m.because I am done with classes at 11:25 a.m. Yea I know I have the best schedule ever!!! So I left with my bro Chris and we went to his house for a bit just to chill out a couple days before going to the city because we both had a long week. I went to the city on Tuesday and getting there was an experience in itself. I took the train from TerryTown into Grand Central Station. The funny thing is that I have been to NYC like 5 times but I have never had to take the train around by myself. I always had someone who knew what they were doing or we would just take a taxi everywhere. Once I got into Grand Central Station, I followed the directions that my friend had given me to get to her work pick up the keys and go to her apartment. That was the easy part of the journey because all I had to do was walk about 10 blocks, which was nothing for me. My motto is if it is over 13 then heck yea a train.

When I got to her work, we were both happy to see each other and talked about the journey to her work. I was so happy to see her working at one of the top 5 accounting firms fresh out of Elmira College. I knew she had to get back to work so I left and went to the apartment to wait on the arrival of our other friend who was also visiting. He was also a recent graduate from Elmira and by coincidence; he worked at a rival accounting firm.

Later on that day my mom was coming into the city with like 8 of her friends and I knew I had to meet her at the hotel. So I quickly dropped my stuff off and made my way to the hotel. However, because I did not pay attention to the specifics of the address, I ended up in Queens instead of Manhattan for almost an hour. Eventually, I made it and over the next day or two, I took them on a tour of NYC. I spent the rest of my break going out to great restaurants, partying with my friends and meeting some other Elmira Alumni.

Two former graduates and I out on the town.

I know one thing that, I did no homework over break. So as you can expect like the typical college student. When I got back to Elmira on Sunday night, I had to cram in all my homework that I needed to do for Monday. Since Sunday, I have gotten no sleep at all because it has been assignment after assignment. I had a good time so that is all that matters, so I intend to get completely caught up this weekend. Because the next couple of weeks will be March Madness for me.

Renaldo Neeley '10