Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh my where has the time gone

Sometimes as college students we fail to realize that time has not sympathy for our souls. In fact, it often attempts to run away without giving us a chance to catch up. Thats how my week has been, in fact thats how this month is going to be. This week i had two quizzes and a test in physics, not to mention three lab reports on top of that. Who would of thought that the body could function on four hours of sleep a night. I must say my concept of time has went out the door and i know after this time change its going to get worst.

This week we had the Semi Annual Theme Dinner on Thursday. Where there is free food i'll be there. The theme was 'Come be a Rock Star.' Which allowed students to compete to be the best at Guitar Hero, Karaoke, and Rock Rand. The food was great and there was a huge cake in the shape of a guitar. Also there was a fashion show put on by the club VUE( VOICES UNTIED OF ELMIRA).

Now I am not the only student anxiously awaiting that beautiful spring term weather and most of all Term III. Living the life, taking a 6 credit class, no classes on Wednesdays and beautiful weather.