Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mice and Open Mic Night

Hey World.

Life at EC is continuing to be as entertaining as usual. Classes are going well, the people are still as outgoing as usual and everything is still purple. The other day I decided to take a nap before my animal behavior class. If I knew that the intended 20 minute nap would end up being an hour and half. I would have not taken a nap. This made me 15 minutes late for class of course. Once I got to class I realized that we were going to be playing with mice. Or to be more scientifically correct. Looking at the behavior of the mice and assessing their social interactions. I just want to say that I was not a fan of this lab and I am going to leave it there. If you want to know what happened write a comment and I will be sure to tell you. Let’s just say it is not appropriate for this page.

This week we had open mic night and this event took the college idea of treating everyone like an individual too the extreme. Some people should just realize that they don’t have what it takes to be the next BeyoncĂ© or Taylor Swift. I don’t think they get it. Even though singing is one of our oldest traditions, no one is ever asked to sing alone. So please don’t ever do it unless you are sure of what you can do. At open mic night I was able to see some good talent and some not so good talent. I was really impressed by Beth Sharry ’13 who originally accused me of not knowing anything about country. Lol. I must admit I am not an avid country listener but I do seldom listen to Carrie Underwood; that is only because she is ridiculously hot though. So maybe Beth was right after all. The point is the girl can sing.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One week down 11 more weeks to go.

This past first week of classes has pretty much been getting back into the swing of things. As usual, the typical college student over summer forgets what it feels like to do homework, write a 10 page paper in a night and not to mention balance the whole social life on top of all the academic requirements. My first week of senior year was extremely interesting. This term I am taking Microbiology, Animal Behavior, Research in Biology sequencing DNA and my first Nursing class ever; Human Physiology and Pharmacology. I am pretty excited about my classes this term; however I am not excited about Human Physiology and Pharmacology being offered as a night class. As a freshman I promised myself that I would never take a night class and it came down to my senior year for me to take a night class. Nonetheless, it is an amazing class and my professor makes it extremely interesting by sharing her personal experiences with us from working in the hospital.

Well enough about the academic world. This first weekend was also a big weekend for Volleyball on campus. The women’s team hosted a Dig Pink Tournament that included University of Pittsburgh at Bradford and two teams from our Empire 8 conference; Hartwick College and Alfred University. I have been a student assistant coach for the team since freshman year and this is the first time that we have finished 3-0 after this tournament. We definitely sent a message to the Empire 8 Conference. This past weekend was also a big weekend for both women and men volleyball recruits. I hosted two of the male recruits from Pittsburgh, Michael and Alex. These guys were a load of fun and not to mention great athletes. During their overnight, we went bowling for bucks in the college’s bowling alley, hung around in the campus center, played volleyball for a bit and played Wii tennis for the majority of the night. All in all it was a good time.

Of course no school year could begin a weekend without the famous foam dance party. This year Student Activities Board went above and beyond with the foam dance party by providing to foam pits. I thought this year went really well considering that we had over 500 students attend. I am looking forward to this school year especially considering that it is my senior year. It is now time to savor the traditions, the memories and the friendships.

Peace and Love world. Stay tuned to the next edition of what’s up in EC.