Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009

So this past weekend for Halloween I decided that I was going to visit a friend at Fredonia to check out their party atmosphere. Well let’s just say things did not work out the way I planned and I ended up staying here for Halloween. A decision I did not regret. So for the past month or so I had planned with my bro Brian that our Halloween costume would be Chippendale Dancers. So obviously we had to look the role and act the role. Earlier that day I had a play date at Hartwick College so we left for Hartwick at about 8 a.m. and returned about 5 p.m.. As soon as I got back the preparation for the night events began by hitting the gym, stuffing my face with food and paying a little visit to the liquor store. So my partner and crime and I were ready by like 10 and met up with Beth and Steph for the night. The first stop was at Goldhouse which is essentially a house on campus for students to live in. Of course, because it was a big event and none of the houses or cottages were given party permits the residence life staff were forced to break it up because there were literally over 150 people inside the house and another 100 outside. Talk about crazy night. Even though, the party was shut down we did not let this rain on our parade. I continued making my rounds visiting my fellow RA’s on duty and saying hi to people all around campus before heading to the bar. At first, when I got to the bar the security guy said that they were no longer letting people in. I looked behind me and realized that he was only saying that because cops were watching the place. After like a minute or so he checked our identification and let us in. After the bar we all headed over to halfway house to celebrate the Men’s Hockey team 6-2 win over Morrisville. We got to halfway at like 2 a.m. and I got a text from a really good friend of mine that graduated from Elmira in 2008 saying that she was coming to meet me at halfway house. We hung out for a bit, danced until we could not dance anymore then we got her a ride home. I on the other hand made my way back to my dorm safe and sound not regretting my decision at all to stay in Elmira for Halloween. Definitely a night to remember!!!!!!!