Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Parents’ Weekend- Love, Laughter,

Parents’ Weekend the third and final part of the Orientation Trilogy ended in a bang. In my senior year and rapping up my time on the Orientation Committee I was able to share my final Parents’ Weekend with my mom and friends. There was no need to worry about how she would occupy herself while I was running around doing stuff. She always enjoys visiting campus and hanging out with my friends and traveling around the Finger Lakes region. The hypnotist performance was amazing this year. Prior to the show my mom and I were sitting back talking about how this is all staged and that most people that go on the stage are just seeking attention. Lol. Well it turns out that hypnosis is real. Ten minutes into the show we noticed that Claudette, my good friend and my mom’s adopted daughter for the weekend was in a trance. Suddenly she was responding to the voice of the performer and began physically acting out everything that he was saying. We were dying with laughter in our seats because she kept falling in and out of the trance so we just suspected that she was faking. Well believe it or not she was not faking. When the hypnotist said that right now you will feel like you have insects crawling all over your body. Claudette leaped out of her seat and ran out of the theatre screaming and scratching herself. I was dying with laughter and so was everyone else around us. My best friend Brian and my mom ran after her to take her up on stage and from there she became the star of the show. Her imitation of Michael Jackson was ridiculously funny and at the end of the night she was known as the king of pop reincarnated. Parents’ Weekend was amazing and having my mom here with me to meet all the people that have impacted my life over these last few years made it even more special. Before she left Brian and I had arranged for both of our families to visit The Corning Museum of Glass. That was an experience that none of us will forget. We were able to see the glass making process, the bending of glass and also purchase some amazing souvenirs. In my opinion this was the best Parents’ Weekend ever.

Claudette’s Michael impersonation

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