Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One More Week...

So right now I have no motivation at all to do work. This is the final week of classes and I have all of my work turned in and should be focusing on my three finals but for some reason I have not been able too. Not to mention, I do have over 400 pages of reading combined to do for all of my classes. I know I should probably get on it but I just do not have the motivation. I think the only reason why I am feeling like this is because we have never gone this far into the school year. In the three years here I always remembered being home around the 13th. Instead I am going to be home on the 21st which is three days before my birthday and four days before Christmas. Well enough about my lack of motivation. This past weekend we indulged in the oldest tradition at Elmira College. No not singing. We had our annual Holiday Weekend celebration. On Friday night we had the Holiday Banquet and students were encouraged to sign up with their favorite, administrator, faculty member or coach. Of course, I signed up with my favorite administrators and friends Shawn and Katie Karney. At the banquet the administrators are responsible for carving the turkey and of course Mr. Karney took the lead on carving the turkey. The meal was amazing and the caroling lead by the members of the TALENTED CLASS OF 2010 was quite interesting. Especially, because no one knew that we were supposed to lead singing. On Saturday we had the Holiday Ball that started at like 9 and ended at 12. However, earlier in the day all those 21 year old members of the college community participated in Survivor Saturday which is pretty much bar hopping for the majority of the day. After the dance I ended up at the bar and back to twin towers dormitory for more laughs and endless stories. I can’t believe it is my last one. Well so long for now world. See ya. Maybe I will write to you guys once I am at home and let you know how much I am not missing 30 degree weather and snow all over the ground.

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