Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Toast to Simeon Benjamin

Toast to Simeon Benjamin

How do you know when you have been to Elmira College for four years? You find yourself toasting to Simeon Benjamin at a bar for leaving us all of his money and not his grandchildren. So over Thanksgiving break I made my usual visit to Southborough Massachusetts to visit my MA family. Well it was actually my freshman year roommate that decided to transfer but they are pretty much like family. Nonetheless, we still keep in touch and we visit each other often. He along with a few of his friends even decided to visit me in the Bahamas over a break. The night before Thanksgiving Day which is apparently the biggest party day of the year, we decided to visit this bar. So I was thinking that he would just be meeting up with a few of his friends and that I would find someone to end up talking too. By coincidence, I saw three other Elmira College students that were also in my senior class. Before the nights events began we all gathered around and made a toast to Simeon Benjamin for leaving us all of his money and not his grandchildren. Everyone around us looked at us as though we were crazy. None of us cared at all though because we all knew that EC would be proud and we were just letting Simeon Benjamin know that we were thankful. Isn’t what Thanksgiving Day is all about anyway?

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